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>> good morning to you, it's sunday, february the 17th. i'm alisyn kooiman in for
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alisyn. and the family of oscar pistorius speak out the first time and his girlfriend beyond the grave. >> tucker: do you consider yourself middle class? the math from the census bureau leaves you shaking your heads. >> clayton: how americans spend time from the minute they wake up in the morning until the minute they go to bed. a new book looks at how we spend our time and it will shock you. "fox & friends" starts now. i think we wait in line. ♪ >> oh, good sunday morning, thank you so much for waking up with us bright and early. that's the great tucker carlson and that's the great anna kooiman and i'm he the mediocre clayton morris. >> no way. >> clayton: and e-mails now, leann rimes says that her
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career is plummeting because of a dentist. or something else. >> her career is hitting a sour note and does that have to do with her love life? and some say that you look like a little bit like leann rimes. >> my eyes, i take it as a compliment. >> clayton: let us know your thoughts, and this first, when it comes to immigration reforms, congress apparently isn't moving fast enough for president obama and the white house has draft add whole version of immigration, and immigration bill that leaked out and not sitting well with some republicans. and doug, what's going oven with that bill. >> reporter: this appears to be the white house laying down a marker for the congress. the president's plan, an extrance seie expansive form of amnesty.
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one called it half-baked. lawful immigrant status to just about anyone, even those with criminal records will be included as long as they haven't been convicted of three crimes or more than a year in prison and a security element to this to enhance efforts at the border and employers eventually check the immigration status of new hires and the president says he will push his own bill if congress fails to act. >> but it's important for us to recognize that the foundation for bipartisan action is already in place and if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i will send up a bill based upon my proposal and insist at that they vote on it right away. >> now, officially, a white house spokesman will only say this. while the president made clear he will move forward if copifor
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does not act. and will this poison the well in congress. marco rubio has kind of been the g.o.p. point person did not sound encouraged saying in a statement, quote, if actually proposed the president's bill would be dead on arrival in congress leaving us with unsecured borders and a broken legal immigration system for years to come. and we talk about this, affecting an estimated 11 billion illegal immigrants currently in the country, but the president's plan would open up potential legal status as to spouses and children not yet here. even though there is he' a bill in the works, the administration says the president supports the ongoing bipartisan efforts here in capitol hill to come up with kind of reform measure. back to you guys. >> clayton: more on this, we'll hear more on this, doug luzader, live in d.c. >> thank you, four minutes after the hour and time for head lines. oscar pistorius' family going on camera the first time since
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the blade runner was charged with murdering his girlfriend. >> its own case, including its own forensic evidence strong strongly refutes premeditated murder. >> and his uncle says he was planning a future with reeva steenkamp. and the show that reeva started last night, and included this chilling clip. >> and i'm going to miss you all so much. i love you very much. >> to fall in love is being in love with love. one love-- >> i'm going home sort of a sweet taste in my mouth. i don't have any regrets. >> so beautiful. wasn't she. and they're airing a tribute to steenkamp before the start of the show. overnight two military jets
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escorting a plane away from a no-fly zone where president obama is vacationing in florida. the small plane was forced to land at a field in the town of stuart just north of palm beach. and f.a.a. is now investigating. it streamed across russia's skyline sending up a blast and injuring more than 1200 people. (scream (screams) >> in the wake of the meteor, a professor is developing a new tracking system to detect when and where a meteor will hit. >> you can say it will be exactly such and so positioned to within a mill and it will happen at exactly such and such a time within the second. >> the project pre sently received 5 million in funding from nasa. one in russia insisted it was not a meteor, but john
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considerry a new weapons of mass destruction from texas in the united states. one of president obama's favorite spots to grab a bit. ray's hell burger, reportedly owes overdue rent and court fees and a second location closed for business and president obama has visited the spot with vice-president biden and russian president med investiga med did he ha med-- >> and how does he stay so-- >> those restaurants are popular in northern virginia, it's hard to believe. >> clayton: have you even at ray's hell burger. >> tucker: i don't, but the traffic. always packed. >> clayton: and how do you have $39,000 in back rent to
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pay? if they're lining out the door. let's talk about a new census bureau study revealing what it means to be middle class. certainly obviously during the campaign we hear the term middle class, both sides playing to try to the middle class. the president during his state of the union used middle class eight times, but what does it mean? here is the president. >> a rising, thriving middlement we won't grow the middle class by shifting cost of health care or families struggling. a growing economy that creates bun middle class. one middle class parent can't afford $200 a week. >> and grow opportunities in the middle class for all willing to climb them. this kind of prosperity, broad, shared, built on a thriving middle class. >> when we talk about the middle class, we're actually talking about the definition seems to be unclear recently.
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middle incomes for people, mississippi coming in at $39,000 or 39,078 the lowest. >> tucker: there's vast economic diversity, a $28 spread between the two. the country didn't look the same the at the all. let's look at the states where we're from. >> clayton: in pennsylvania, my home state. it varies on state. you can't make a blanket middle statement. in pennsylvania middle class an income of $50,000 a year. >> in north carolina, my home state tar, 44,787. >> tucker: in california where i grew up, 56,074. this will change if that falls apart. in rick's home state where everyone is moving from california it arizona, going up. 48,319 bucks.
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and people don't make that exact figure. there's got to be a range, right. >> clayton: of course in of the southern states, mississippi at $38,000. a disparity. what do you mean when you make the blanket federal regulations. >> tucker: and federal minimum wage is the case in point to what i just said. states have their own minimum wage, but to impose one federally on a country with this much economic diversity might not be a good idea. the standard of living is so different in the deep south and mid atlantic. >> president obama is calling the state of the union address should be be up at $9 an hour, that's up 1.75, and some states where the middle income is a lot lower. you think of the restaurants how are they going to keep their heads above water if they have to play out larger amounts of employees when the profit margins are so small. >> clayton: and the disproportionately hurt the
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unskilled works and those struggling in poverty. they'll be pushed out and may not get the job in the first place. paid $9 an hour. do you think the numbers jibe with what you know about being middle class in your state. meantime over to rick reich mousse. >> rick: we know this pass, you'll get a raise. (laughter) >> it's about time, a dollar. >> rick: all right, guys, it was cold across the south eats, and it's fold for this time of year, and cold for any time. and a freeze effect only to f meyers, 44. people on twitter saying it's struggle weather across parts of florida, enjoy that. and as far as any precipitation goes, there's a system here across the northeast, a coastal system, but not that dissimilar to what we had this weekend. and farther up shore, it
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doesn't have as much expanse. and we're seeing the eastern long island and this is mostly going to be kind after southeastern, massachusetts event, parts of rhode island and see maybe three to six inches of snow and maybe more on cape cod and the islands and windy throughout the day today. winds maybe 40 to 50 miles per hour at time. and traveled across parts of the northeast, not that good. the temps for today though. certainly you see the cold air and not that bad across parts of the south. back to you. >> thanks, rick. coming up on the show, he predicted that cardinal ratzinger could go on to leave the catholic church as pope. who does from eva maria church think will be the next in the vatican, that's next. >> tucker: when proposals go very wrong. you're about to find out. we're back in three minutes. ♪
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>> there's a live look at pope benedict xvi delivering a call to prayer at the vatican. one of his final appearances before he resigns the end of this month. our next guest met the pope when he was cardinal ratzinger, and he predicted that he would succeed pope john paul ii. >> joining us is from the school of law. >> glad to be with you. >> one of my first questions, we think about the catholic church, it's been underfire and i know that you are very concerned about the moral decline of the world in general. so, when you think about the next pope, you've got to have to have somebody who will adapt and adhere to the catholic belief system.
3:18 am
>> that's right, and i'm confident that the conclave will pick someone like that, an extremely good successor not just to benedict, but john paul iv. ap they had the history, the back-to-back, and i think there are a lot of cardinals out there who could fill those shoes. >> since you have an accurate track record of predicting the next pope, who is in the running? >> well, i'm not sure that i actually predicted it. i hoped that he would be the choice. and-- >> that's close enough. >> i don't know. you know, at this point, i don't think there's any front runner, and i think it is really impossible to predict who it's going to be. but, obviously, you have your favorites choices. i think that las vegas has odds. i don't know how valuable that is, but i think that one leading candidates would be the cardinal from quebec, the
3:19 am
head of the congregation of the bishops. he had been a student of cardial ratzinger years ago when the cardinal was a university professor and is really not only a brilliant man and thinker. >> and cardinal dolan a dark horse, a lot of people don't think an american would get the nod. what do you think. >> i think it would be most unlikely. the traditional would be that it's the most powerful country in the world and not have a pope from the most powerful country and also, i think we're viewed still as very young in our development. i actually, my choice, if it were fortunate enough to be an american, i would love to see american, but my choice would be cardinal burke who used to be the archbishop of st. louis
3:20 am
and he's of the highest court in the vatican, sort of the chief justice john roberts of the vatican and he is again, a brilliant man and very, very understanding of what the problems are in the modern world. >> tucker: we're going to save this tape, because you've got a track record whether you admit it or not the. we appreciate it. >> there you go, thank you. >> thank you. >> 18 minutes after the hour on sunday morning, coming up on "fox & friends," a home bursting into flames and then this happened. an explosion, sending firefighters running. more of this dramatic video ahead. >> and then singer leann rimes suing her dentist, saying his bad work hurting her career, including nine root canals. does she have a case?
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>> and thank you so much for sharing your sunday morning with us. i'm anna kooiman. in detroit, a chain reaction, killing one person and sending nine others to the hospital. and a strong burst rocking italy. the 4.8 magnitude case, struck 50 miles southeast of rome. no reports of damage or injuries. clayton? >> thanks, anna. fired up on twitter on the next story.
3:25 am
she canceled concerts after dental surgery and now leann rimes wants her dentist to pay up. she's suing him. claiming poor dental work in preventing her from performing and hurting her career, but is the dentist really to blame here? does miss rhymes have a case for fair and balanced legal debate and nice to see you both this morning. >> good morning. >> they're not happy on twitter about this. they're not defending her at all in in case, but you have to this morning. does she have a case here? >> well, if the doctor's care fell below professional standards, then she has a blame. if the doctor didn't inform her of the risk, hey, air going to have gum inflammation and bleeding gums, she has a claim. >> she knows she scheduled the surgery year the time she had to go out and perform, jonna, she's had nine root canals and bone grafts and physical therapy and all of this and says she has a permanent
3:26 am
cosmetic deficiency as a result of it. >> let's talk about the elephant in the room, shall we. the reason that leann rimes can't put people in the seats isn't because of bad teeth, it's her bad behavior. a well done procedure can have risks, and you sign your life away and i'm sure she did, too, this dentist can't predict and see when she's going to have a convert and not well enough to perform. that's not his business, as long as he didn't go below the standard of car. before and after pics, it hard for me to tell. there on the right, there she is now, i suppose and there she was before. i don't see much difference, did you. >> this was to cure a tmj related illness and i'm not an a dentist, i can't make a decision based on photos and bone grafting that's serious and affects your livelihood.
3:27 am
remember, she is a singer and the fact that she couldn't go out and perform her craft. that's how she gets money is an issue, it's an issue. >> clayton: but is it his falt? >> if her jaw is wired shut and she's into the able to sing, it's not-- >> how can you say with bloody gums. >> how can you go out to dinner-- >> how with bloody gums and you're uncomfortable. >> wouldn't he tell you this beforehand. >> i'm sure he did. >> we can't make that assumption, gug to dental court. >> she has waived her life away and-- >> it's in california. in california not exactly sure if you can wave those rights away. pain and suffering should more than likely, and her damages are going to be capped, but when it comes to lost wages. >> clayton: we're talking millions of dollars here, right? to put someone, all of these people in the seats out of the concert. that's millions and millions of dollars, and we can honestly expect him to be able to pay up. >> when she can reschedule and
3:28 am
recoup. she didn't cancel because she wasn't selling out stadiums and venues? how do we know that. >> that's speculative. >> and there is he' a fact finding there. >> the final word and see how our folks on twitter feel about it. let me know what you think about it. i'm clayton morris on twitter. get fired up. we'll talk later about it on the show. >> on "fox & friends" he's an admitted cop killer, why in the world are the people rallying yesterday in support of christopher dorner. how do you spend most of your time each day, at work, arguing with your spouse? wait until you hear the numbers about how we spend every moment of our day. a new book is out and we'll have a reality check for you. you won't believe how long you'll sleep every night. ♪
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>> wanted to know if you would take my hand in marriage and marry me. i want to spend the rest of my life with you. >> oh, my god. >> the run away bride to be, i guess. not exactly the way most proposals end up. this couple was pulling a prank on unsuspecting bystanders.
3:33 am
and the couple famous for the youtube pranks on each other and this time decided to switch it up. >> i love it. this remind me of the new betty white show. the old people go out and pull pranks on young people and they do this kind of thing and they will he' do proposals at like 80 years old and zoom in on the people's faces and left there standing, did that really just happen? >> there's nothing better than confusing forest tourists. >> anna: and 99% the of the time the girl is going to say yes. good night is not going to ask if she feels no. >> clayton: would you feel pressure if a guy had a proposal on the jumbotron. no way she's going to say no. >> anna: you'd have to go back and say no. >> clayton: and like, mom, i had to say yes on national
3:34 am
television. >> anna: right. and any potential crooners and swooners out there. if you're looking for love. don't invite me to a football or a hockey game. >> clayton: the first game. >> tucker: you're going to get invited 100%. speaking of public displays, supporters of the deceased christopher dorner from the headlines in los angeles and of wrote the manifesto, accusing the lapd of racism and blaming in effect the murders he committed on that and a lot of people agree with them. >> clayton: people showed up, we didn't agree with the violence he perpetrated. the violence, he's a cop killer. he killed individuals so you show up in support of this manifesto and part of it said this, which they're supporting this department, quote, has not changed from the darryl gates and mark fuhrman days. those officers are still employed and have all promoted to command stat and
3:35 am
supervisory position. i will correct this error. of course he goes on to say that he's going to exact terror on the los angeles police department. i mean, he was going to hunt individuals down and kill them. >> anna: it's people who had nothing to do with lapd. >> tucker: literally killed a woman who happened to be married to someone who's father was in the lapd, but the point was, this guy was a loser, fired from the los angeles police department for lying. and by the way, a cop who lies is not something you want. it's terrifying. >> anna: and goes on and on and the people protesting even a survival video game out there for the last hours christopher dorner spent on this earth. a song you can find on youtube entitled el massa policea, the cop killer. . >> tucker: written for him. and the police giving in on principle, we'll look into the allegations of racism in the lapd. basically he they bowed to his
3:36 am
demand and so we shouldn't be surprised that some people are taking these, these ravings seriously. >> clayton: unbelievable. let us know what you think about this. supporting christopher dorner at that rally. >> anna: 6:34 is the time this morning, a house explosion in alabama sent firefighters diving for cover. a kitchen fire got out of control and quickly consumed the home. and hit the oxygen tanks in the bedroom and six people managed to escape and no one, including those firefighters, were injured in that incident. nearly 400 people are suing a kentucky hospital and cardiologists accused of knowingly performing unnecessary and risky heart procedure, you lawsuit claimed two patients died after being treated the at st. joseph london hospital and dozens of
3:37 am
others are now at risk of potentially fatal complicati complications and the also is being investigated by a u.s. attorney and at least one doctor is under criminal investigation for fraud. never before seen letters written by john lennon's killer giving a chilling look into his deranged mind. in the lowers, mark david chapman asked the officer who arrested him to be his friend. chapman says he felt close to him and even asked the officer to help find his copy of "catcher in the rye" taken away from the scene of the crime when chapman was arrested. about to go on sale to the public for $75 grand. chapman 20 years to life for lennon's murder and denied parole several times. a mom in gilbert, arizona outraged over what she says was an inappropriate homework assignment about fidelity. the fourth grader had to write about what was happening.
3:38 am
and the doctor comes the question about a wife finding a hair clip underer her bed with another parent in it. after the parent called the school, the teacher apologized and said she hadn't read this beforehanding it out to students. >> tucker: can you imagine? >> unbelievable. how about this, a new book is out looking basically how we spend our entire lives. it's fascinating and the new york post has broken this down based on the sometime of spend we do with makeup, working out, sleeping, talking, arguing, eating, everything. here are some of the major ones that stand out. and here is the the first one. the hours spent sleeping. >> anna: i don't buy this one. >> clayton: at all. during the weekday we spend about 8.4 -- 8 3/4 hours sleeping during the weekdays. >> on the weekend 9 1/2 hours, that's on average. i don't believe that for a
3:39 am
second. >> anna: i don't either. >> tucker: maybe reading the paper or watching television. >> anna: i don't think anybody can sleep that much. >> tucker: i don't think it's possib possible. >> anna: how about days, hours, spent working in the weekday, 8.39 and on the weekend. 5.88. >> clayton: that sounds about right. people are doing a lot of. even though they're not physically in the office, but perhaps in the weekend catching up on e-mails and now with the new technological world you're never really away from the office. >> anna: does that take out on the time on facebook playing around. >> clayton: that's the study. the time spent wasted on the computer. >> tucker: an awful lot. 3 hours or more, 14% of you say you waste that much. 22%, two hours, an hour or less, 65%. >> anna: how about the time spent waiting in line, a pet peeve of mine. 6 minutes 51 seconds, new yorkers. you notice he when you're waiting for an elevator, you
3:40 am
punch it a million times making it will make the darn thing come faster. >> tucker: it cost. >> clayton: in new york city you have to map out your day. >> tucker: pavolvian. >> clayton: i'm going to gym. >> anna: ladies, the amount of time getting ready. showers, and makeup, getting dressed a total of 1 hours and 16 minutes. >> clayton: that's on a monday. >> anna: on a monday. >> clayton: by the end of the week, it shifts all the way down. so you guys let yourself go. >> tucker: it's fairly dramatic. by friday. showering ten minutes, hair 2 minutes. makeup 2 minutes, getting dressed one minute. that's pretty fast. >> clayton: so you guys let yourself go by the end of the week and by the end of week, i don't care about my hair and makeup. >> anna: i wake up looking like this, for hair and makeup. >> and in the study.
3:41 am
men work out significantly more than women. 27.4. >> tucker: i don't buy that for a second. no, that's not consistent with any woman i know and amazing fact in here, the amount of time spent crying. how often do men and women cry per month. women say they cry 5.3 times per month for a total of 6 minutes. sounds right. and average man says he cries 1.4 times per month for an average of two to four munts. that seems a little high. >> anna: it does seem high, very high for both men and women. >> tucker: unless your dog dies every month. kind of hard to explain that. >> clayton: are you crying? i watch-- let's be honest i watch a lot of click flicks and constantly crying, sorry. and here is, also time that couples spend arguing a week. newly in love a little over an hour arguing, but couples spent more than three years together. arguing more upwards of 2.7
3:42 am
hours, and "everybody loves raymond" parents on that show, never stop. >> anna: some people like that argue, what the relationship is based on. >> clayton: misery loves company. >> anna: that, too. >> clayton: speaking of misery loves company, rick, do you buy the argument that men cry that much per month? >> no, i don't buy actually any one of those things. the only one of all of those that make sense, a woman might take an hour and 15 minutes to get ready. >> clayton: on monday and goes down on friday. >> tucker: a total of one minute to get dressed. what are you, a fireman, jumping into your boots? a minute. that's impressive. >> rick: beginning to end for me is about 12 minutes, that's it it. >> tucker: from showering, shave. >> rick: dress, everything, and that and. >> clayton: you're beautiful. >> rick: i know. all right, guys, take a look at this video out of south carolina. south carolina not one of the places we typically show you snow pictures from, but here you go. grier, south carolina, some accidents and spin-outs and
3:43 am
people getting stuck and they don't obviously have the ability to treat these kinds of situations and treat the roads and the snow, but a nice treat for people getting here and on switter would like weather in the south. there you go, it's cleared up for the day today. and that's moved off to the north. take a look at your weather maps. it's cold behind this. and north carolina into the 20's and the wind chill certainly much lower than that. fork for the day today. much of young, we're going to be dealing with that snow and eastern new england, eastern mass, rhode island and eventually throughout parts of maine and windy as well and going down across the coast, philadelphia, you're going to be fine. a cool day in florida, 60 in miami. and that's chilly for you. a nice day across the central plains though. into the northern plains, a cool day as well. not even that bad. a light snow possible across the far northern tier there.
3:44 am
and across the west, a little bit of snow across the rockies, a little into the cascades and more sunshine across the southwest. all right. back to you inside. >> tucker: why, thank you, rick. parent think you can't afford to send your kids to college? think again. from rubble schools to private universitying which give you the best bang for your buck. >> anna: which couple is thinking about buying michael jackson's neverland ranch? next. ♪
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3:48 am
the hunter with the most bagged 18 himself. and the longest over 14 feet. could jay-z and beyonce be the next owners of michael jackson's neverland ranch? sources from the jackson family say yes. the power couple recently took a tour of the pawned escape. jay-z denying interest in buying the 29 million dollar property. >> tucker. >> dreaming for a dream education in one of the best colleges, be careful not to without enrolling, and here is susanna kiplinger, and children, where should i be looking? >> depends are you looking at public or private schools. >> tucker: i'm open minded. the public, let's go to the best value.
3:49 am
>> unc chapel hill. >> why? >> one of our favorites. number one 12 times in a row and we love it, affordable and great academic qualities and some numbers that you can look at. its four year graduation rate. # 77%. and if you or your kids qualify for the needs you'll got a financial package. >> tucker: and you say it has an 87% four year graduation right. that seems very high. >> it's an important number to look at, too, if you're getting out in four years you're not paying for the extra year of education. >> tucker: and people likes the school. >> people like the school and they're giving you that sort of help to get through and get graduated in four years. >> tucker: so, number three, university of florida. >> uh-huh. it dropped one place this year, still a great value, very, very good academically, have affordable. it's a big school, but got a very competitive admissions
3:50 am
rate. a lot of students apply and not all get in. >> tucker: william and mary. >> good academic school. >> tucker: and some people are not aware it's a public school. >> it is, 12-1 faculty to student ratio. which means for every 12 students, one-on-one factors that you need. >> tucker: and university of maryland college park. >> the school has gone up every year, a four year tuition which ended in 2010 and academically a great school. >> tucker: those are the top five private. yale is number one you said. >> i don't probably have to tell you that it's a good school academically. >> tucker: i've heard that. >> and also not that bad when it comes to cost. you might think that private schools are very, very expensive, but actually when you factor in aid it's just around $14,000 net price for the year and actually, the
3:51 am
average price for a public school is around a little over $17,000, so, it's actually cheaper. >> tucker: so you've got rice number two, princeton three, duke four, and california and technology, five for the private schools. first of all, where is harvard and the schools with massive endowments charge anything the at all for tuition. >> harvard is in the top ten, but not the top five. and the reason that the schools charge tuition, schools charge tuition, but those very, very wealthy school make an effort to give a lot of aid. princeton i think the first school had a no loan policy. you shouldn't take loans out if you go there. and graduate with only $5,000 in debt. and their parents should either. get your child into princeton. thank you very much.
3:52 am
>> thanks so much. >> tucker: coming up, the show "downton abbey" is a hit and why is it so popular, the political orientation and a does it mean you can get a good deal? probably not. we'll tell you what it means coming up. ♪ ♪ my mama told me you about thor shop around ♪ hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens.
3:53 am
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3:55 am
>> there you are looking good this sunday morning. 6:53 is the time i'm anna kooiman. american airlines and u.s. airway one entity effectively, and with less competition can you get a good deal on
3:56 am
tickets? here with helpful hints for us is travel expert mark murphy. good morning, thanks for being with us. first up we could possibly have more options so some fares to go down? supply and demand. it's making my mind blown. >> three major carriers control the vast majority of airline flights in the u.s. and going to make prices go up because it's almost. >> right. >> pseudo monopoly. but on the other side. american airlines and u.s. airs, more hubs, if you're flexible through to get to your end destination and might find some pluses. >> anna: and you might have to find a long layover. what about fare wars and they'll have to be competing with some of the smaller airlines. >> take southwest, air tran, jet blue. airlines like that are going to see prices rise and markets, i can go in there and operate more profitbly than the major carriers and therefore, pull some fares down. >> especially when you see the
3:57 am
competition from the lower fare gist, legacy prices match. you're going to have that, but not as much as in the pass it's been a consolidation and we feel we get robbed with the fees we see. >> more fees, and the reason that the airlines do this, because there's transparent pricing on the internet. look at the internet and everyone can see what the price of the fare is. what they try to do is shift some of the costs that used to be built in the ticket price to the back and that way it's difficult for the consumers to compare and contrast prices. make sure you understand the full cost of the ticket. because those ancillary fees and make sure they're part of the purchase price. >> anna: and you say a travel agent can help. >> people don't understand how many combination and people spend hours and hours, trying to fine the best fares. these guys are pros, they know where to look, and where to find the
3:58 am
combination and the ancillary freese and talk to the pro. they sell 60% for a reason. >> what about frequent flyer miles. >> one for the business travelers that accrue those and combine those miles and then cash them in at the much bigger network in terms of the airline. >> anna: thanks for the help today. mark murphy. 6:56 is the time on sunday morning. a university ordering protesters to acknowledge wiccan and pagans holidays because they don't want everybody to feel left out. someone call the p.c. police. an action movie, 2 million dollars of jewelry gone from the lobby. we'll have more next. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert: it's low. it's guidance on your terms, not ours. e-trade. less for us. more for you. it's guidance on your terms, not ours. music: "make someone happy"
3:59 am
music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ it's so important to make meone happy.♪ ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too.
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4:01 am
>> get up, get going, seven o'clock on the dot. good morning, i'm anna kooiman in for alisyn camerota. when it comes to immigration
4:02 am
reform congress isn't apparently moving fast enough for president obama. the white house drafting its own version coming up. >> lost in the australian outback, lost for days, what a man found in his backpack that wound up saving his life. is that unbelievable story coming up. >> clayton: someone call the p.c. police, a university ordering them to acknowledge wiccan or pagans holidays. they don't want anyone to feel left out. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. and in the same breath. don't say merry christmas, right. >> tucker: wiccan, do you feel left out. >> clayton: yeah, i have my sage that i burn every morning on the show to make sure. >> anna: we let him do it. >> clayton: for the spirits. exactly. and welcome in to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning, thank you for
4:03 am
spending your sunday morning with us. that's tucker carlson, anna kooiman and i'm clayton morris. >> anna: when it comes to immigration reform, congress isn't moving fast enough for president obama. >> clayton: the white house has drafted its own version of the immigration bill and that's not sitting well with some republicans. >> tucker: no, it's not. and doug luzader with the latest details on this. >> the president said he would act if congress won't and this may be a shot across the bow as a bipartisan group on capitol mill tries to hammer out a compromise. for many, the president's bill detailed in usa today will be a nonstarter because it will be seen as a form of amnesty. right out of the gate an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants could be affected. here is what the president just said in his weekly address. >> and it's time it harness the talent and ingenuity of hard working immigrants by finally passing comprehensive immigration reforms. securing our borders and a
4:04 am
responsible path to earn citizenship and attracting the highly skilled prunes that will help create jobs. here are some of the specifics there would be this new, what they're calling lawful perspective immigrant visa, offering to provide provisional legal status. a criminal background check and fairly wide latitude. shongs they commit three crimes. spouses and currently in the country could be included. and well above 11 million and new provisions for border security. this is going to be a nonstarter on capitol hill according to the republican senator leading the charge on bipartisan immigration, reform, florida republican, marco rubio. here is his response. quote, if actually proposed, the president's bill would be dead on arrival in congress, leaving us with unsecured borders and a broken legal immigration system for years to come. under the proposed plan,
4:05 am
illegal immigrants could move from provisional to full permanent legal residencesy in about eight years and officially the white house says a final bill has not been prepared. anna, tucker, clayton. >> clayton: you've been around washington a long time. a leaked reform makes its way into the usa today. how does that happen. >> and it's clearly being floated and again, to try to up the pressure with congress to let them know if we don't get something done, the president will move forward. in the past he's been reluctant to write legislation and this time around. >> clayton: a trial balloon. great to see y morning, thanks so much. >> anna: four minutes after the hour this sunday morning, time for your headlines. oscar pistorius' family going on camera the first time since the blade runner was charged
4:06 am
with murdering his girlfriend. the state's own case, including its forensic evidence strongly refutes any possibly of premeditated hurd. >> his uncle says that oscar is numb with shock and grief and planning a future with model reeva steenkamp. and the first part of the reality show she starred in started last night and included this chilling clip. >> and i'm going to miss you all so much. and i love you very, very mu much. >> anna: so eerie considering the circumstances. and overnight, two military jets away from a snow fly zone where president obama is vacationing in florida. the small plane was forced to land at a field in a town of stuart north of palm beach. f.a.a. is now investigating this incident. like a scene out of the movie, the posh hotel stealing 2
4:07 am
million from the case. >> clayton: where is george clooney. >> anna: the case is now boarded up and believed one of the suspected a distracted an employee and the escape was apparently assisted by faulty surveillance cameras in the lobby. and an australian backpacker who got lost in the backpack alive tonight thanks to contact lens solution. 18-year-old same woodhead got lost during a jog last week and ran out of water. when he searched through the backpack, his dad left a box of contact lenses inside and drank the solution in the heat. and search teams found him three days later and now he's just fine. >> and now great vision as a result of that, too. >> anna: forever and ever. >> tucker: it's yummy, that
4:08 am
contact lens solution. that's the latest. >> good pun. please share with the class, don't keep it to yourself. let's talk about this. middle class, certainly during the campaign between republicans and democrats, everyone was throwing around the term middle class trying to appeal to the middle class. and the president used that term a number of times. take a listen. >> a rising, thriving, middle class. he we won't grow the middle class by shifting cost of health care or-- >> a growing economy that creates good middle class jobs. >> most middle class parents can't afford $200 a week. >> work your way into the middle class. >> new ladders of opportunity in the middle class for all willing to climb them. >> this kind of prosperity, broad, shared, built on a thriving middle class. >> anna: and the only term we heard more was just to be
4:09 am
clear. >> tucker: what is the middle class, new census numbers analyzed and a massive disparity between states. the middle class in some states is very different from that in others. for example, the highest middle class number, maryland. the median number is 67,469 dollars. >> clayton: i was surprised it wasn't as high as california. maryland the highest there, or that california wasn't as high as maryland. >> tucker: and i'll tell you why, maryland's numbers are high because it's suburban maryland outside of washington that benefits from government spending. >> clayton: there you go. >> tucker: as the percentage of our economy is taken up by government spending rises the suburbs around d.c. get richer. >> and the employees on average about what, 15 to 20% more than their civilian counterparts. so they're making more salary than the folks who benefit. >> tucker: they can never be fired. >> anna: and the salaries of these people is only part of the story. i mean, a lot of middle class are dealing with different struggles, whether they can't find work or they have a job and aren't making enough money
4:10 am
so they're trying to piece multiple part-time jobs together in some distances. let's look at our home state. >> pennsylvania, for example, my home state. middle class income where you would need to be $50,000 to be considered middle class in pennsylvania and even that seems like a blanket statement, right? when you've got cities like philadelphia. obviously, costs more to live there and pittsburgh more than to live in harrisburg or gettysburg, the blanket statements are interesting. >> anna: in my home state, north carolina. 47,000. and in california golden states, 56, 074. arizona where rick reichmuth is from, what is it, rick. >> rick: 48,319. >> clayton: and rick, i don't know how often you get home, but see a lot of people fleeing from california and businesses and such moving to arizona. >> tucker: at high speed. >> rick: because of the taxes in california compared to
4:11 am
arizona. >> clayton: but it speaks to the idea of sort of a blanket eyed what the middle is and we have the sort of blanket middle class statements how we can, you know, make the middle class bigger. >> tucker: minimum wage legislation that applies to all 50 states and they're not the same. >> anna: and in north carolina-- >> let's check in now with rick reichmuth. before we check with rick, e-mail us. in your state let us know if you think it's accurate for your middle class. you can read those. >> rick: all right, guys, a cold morning across the country, the eastern part dealing with some of the coldest air of the season. very cold across the great lakes, this is your wind chill. and down across parts of the southeast that this is one of the brutally cold marnornings, 4 in tallahassee. 37 in orlando, if you're headed to disney, a cool one across the state of florida and more freeze warnings
4:12 am
posted for this evening and increased watches. >> anna: south florida. don't worry, it will warm up. this is the front that moved through and now turned into a coastal storm and similar to last week. towards the east. not as big of impact. some moisture sources a little farner away and the center of it. the wind are not as strong. the winds may be up around 30, 35 mile per hour range and right now around 25 miles per hour and some of that snow blowing and another three to six inches of snow for people who got up to three feet of snow last week, unfortunately a little more snow to deal with. well above average across the central plains. around 20 degrees above average and well, we're about 20 degrees below average across the southeast, tomorrow, we moderate a little bit and remain cool everywhere else. >> the crazyiest video you'll see all day. >> a shootout.
4:13 am
the dramatic moments, a security card fires back at a group of armed be robbers. >> and the show "downton abbey" is a huge hit. why is it popular? could it have anything to do with its conservative politics coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> there you are, morning glory. always nice to see you here on "fox & friends" and 14 minutes after the hour. ready for your tea and crumpets this morning? tonight is the season finale of the global hit series "downton abbey." ♪
4:17 am
. >> how marvellous. >> i should remind you, it's at eight o'clock and he keeps it up through breakfast. >> and going back to sleep again. >> marvellous, darling. the british drama doing well with an american audience. why is it so appealing? possibly because of the politics? thank you for being with us, john. does it have much to do with it? a lot of americans are fed up with the government, saying they're banging down their door and some states are becoming a nanny state and this is a little bit different from the creators. >> i think so. if you look at historical movies, usually profits are viewed as evil and in "downton abbey", profits, they go through bankruptcy and then
4:18 am
they employ the various people on the estate that work there and unusual from what you see and also the case that if you look at the rich historically in films they're portrayed as evil and poor working class portrayed as noble. in this case these are a look at the rich in a different way. employees interested in their lives and bankrupt the estate to make sure to continue to employ them. and thing this resonates with americans who are tired of being profits and wealth being seen as evil and fraudulent and nefarious. >> many believing that freedom is a god given right and i want it read a passage from julian fellows to encourage the surrender of freedom in order to avoid danger, is the hall mark of tyranny and-- >> his novels are better than doneton abby and i encourage everyone to read them.
4:19 am
what's ooh clear in them. he's libertarian. he does not like the nanny state, the state that americans understand tell you what kind of french fries to eat and big gulp. and we're worse off with the government intruding into our lives and telling us what to do. wasn't to go back to a time when the government was governing less and this is something you rarely see in films. >> anna: and this is going be to be the third season finale tonight and aired in the u.k. on christmas and a lot of folks are looking forward to it. what made it so popular, partially the history lesson we get as well? >> i think that americans definitely love the history lesson and americans have been intrigued with british people in general and in general, tells a very good story, i don't think it hurts that just that for once, rather than the rich and the entitlements as being evil people, bigoted people who treat their staff badly, here is a more realistic portrayal they treat
4:20 am
their staff well and like them. take an interest in their lives and try to help them through their own troubles and this is entirely different and resonates with americans, i think. >> anna: i'm going to have to check it out. i have a lot of friends that are into it and clayton is into it and i'll tune in for the season finale. next on the rundown on "fox & friends," someone call the p.c. police, the university ordering professors to acknowledge wiccan and pagans holidays they don't want anyone to feel left out. and she was named the sexiest woman on tv. t the face behind that question mark. ♪ she's a bad mama jamma i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> 22 minutes now past the hour, time for your news by the numbers. first one, maxim magazine naming actress alicia, the sexiest woman on tv, remember her from 24. she stars on the hit show happy endings. >> next, eight. oprah's spot of the favorite tv hosts, winfrey who ranked in the top three for almost two decades, taking a tumble. and then finally 4,000 square feet. that's the size of beverly hills home that kim kardashian just sold. lived there with ex-husband kris humphreys and she's moving a 15,000 square foot. >> and wiccan and pagans
4:25 am
holidays, 20% of the holidays in their guide are wiccan holidays, we're here to weigh in, with a fox news contributor, and penny, how many wiccans are out there? >> not many. maybe you and i should go for it we get a heck of a lot more days off, wouldn't we? >> we would. 20% of the holidays listed at university of missouri holiday guide are wiccan. what is going on here? that seems bizarre. >> well, you know, it does. i tell you, look, i'm a fan of people living lives that best suit them and i don't know any wiccans. i think maybe on a really bad day i might turn into one, i'm not sure. but i think this is, it's actually, i think, people who are not christians, majority you're looking at christians, jews and muslims and this is a majority of americans and certainly a majority of americans are christian and over well, close to 80% at this point. but the fact is, i think this is less than -- it's less about elevating other
4:26 am
rescissions and individuals and more about diluting the dynamic about what's important in people's lives. and look, i think if you're a wiccan or a pagans, tucker, you're anti-establishment and i don't think you need the establishment to recognize you, right? we already know that. >> and who could name eight wiccan holidays? i mean, i doubt your average wiccan could. >> look, halloween is the new year, i guess now you get halloween off over at university of missouri and the festival of pan, and the solstices and the equinox and there are like ten of them and outnumber the other religions, actual religions and i think that, look, there's ways that people can take days off for their special days. i think though that you're going to be looked at funny if you insist you need halloween off. i think it's insulting if you're a wiccan or a pagans and if you're an atheist or a pagans, if you're celebrating
4:27 am
nature, an everyday experience. >> tucker: only a country too rich too long could be this frivolous and silly. the statements from the school, the information about the wiccan and pagans holidays, the statement says, has been in the guide since last fall. keep in mind this is not intended just for faculty, this is an informational guide for anyone across campus. letting you know. >> letting you know which days you can take. >> tucker: and christianity and comes down to-- >> i think that there's a rejection of tradition. i think this is again, not about elevating anyone else, it's about paganses and wiccans used for a political agenda to downgrade what's important to a majority of americans. i think that this is an anti-tradition action. i think paganses and wiccans should be be very angry about being used by the establishment and i think that there should be a backlash of look, the tradition in this country is what allows people to be paganses and wiccans and
4:28 am
to enjoy their lives, really, good luck doing that in any other country. >> tucker: good luck, you wouldn't want to see the wiccans when they're angry. >> no. >> tucker: penny bruce, appreciate it. >> thanks. >> tucker: who is next up to lead the catholic church. who is on the short list for pope. that's coming up. should fourth graders really be learning about infidelity? the shocking homework that one teacher handed out. we've got the details coming up. night noift ♪ [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
>> and devastation from sandy, and bee decided to come down and support the cause. >> it would be great. >> looks chilly out there. the shot of the morning, hundreds of brave people taking part in the polar plunge in new jersey and that's just heard many of them motivated to help out the damaged coast in the wake of superstorm sandy and the proceeds are going to the state's chamber of commerce to help draw tourism to the jersey shore. >> and it's cold out there. >> anna: and the jersey shore. >> clayton: i wonder if snooki was there.
4:33 am
snooki and-- >> j-woww. i've never dn a polar plung-- done a polar plunge. >> clayton: i don't like the when the shower is cold. don't laugh at me. >> tucker: imagine if your kids come home with a homework problem, on cheating and inphi delts. >> clayton: fourth graders they didn't realize the assignments. i was shocked to see it on my homework assignment and i had to ask my mom i didn't want it go too deep into what they were asking more and part of the word problem figuring out why in their parents bedroom another woman's hair clip was found underneath the bed with another woman's hair caught in the hair clip. >> anna: what would you do, critically think the way through. >> tucker: if mommy has 11 margaritas and goes to a jimmy
4:34 am
concert. >> clayton: winds up with somebody else. >> tucker: exactly. how many days will it take to repair the marriage? >> i know and that's-- >> no way. >> for a fourth grader. >> clayton: you'd be outraged as a father of three girls. >> tucker: i would be outraged, but not shocked as someone who has watched a the lot of school curriculums coming and go. >> anna: the teachers admits to only skimming the assignment and mother says if my child were to skim assignment and follow through and do the entire thing she would get a failing grade. >> tucker: imagine your excuse, imagine you're a parent and call up the teacher, this is outrageous and brings up a subject for fourth graders to be tackling and your excuse is never read it. >> clayton: and i love the fourth grader's response, it was simple and spot on. she simply said that the husband had cheated and he was in a big trouble.
4:35 am
>> tucker: that's not such a bad lesson. >> clayton: right, maybe there are other ways it teach them cheating. >> anna: it goes back to the question before with friends and family members and now the husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating, you want to tell. is it your place. >> anna: i don't want to stick my head in the sand. i want to know everything. it does not fly with me. >> tucker: probably best not to weigh in. how about this as a rule, maybe schools ought to stick to teaching kids history and language and math and stay away from complicated and controversial life lessons. i don't see any reason teachers ought to teach kids about sex or anything else that is the province of parents to teach. >> clayton: that would be a good step forward and then actually get up to the math and history scores. >> tucker: we're moving in the opposite direction, half the school day seems taken over with diversity and gay rights. maybe you buy that, maybe you don't. it's your role as a parent, not your teachers.
4:36 am
>> clayton: how do you feel about it. >> anna: and your headlines this sunday morning, two firefighters killed and another two in critical condition after battling a fire in texas. the fire broke out at a knights of columbus hall. it was so intense, part of the roof caved in. one was trapped inside and while the team manage today pull him out. sadly, he died at the scene. >> lieutenant wallace was certainly what i would term a full fledged traditional firefighter. he took his job seriously, much more than a job and way of life for him. >> anna: the three men who rescued wallace suffered severe burns and smoke inmalaysian. 34-year-old gregory pickcard later died at the hospital. the first deaths in 35 years. an a beauty queen trading in her crown for bars. former miss washington, peggy
4:37 am
sue, a so-called revenge killing that took place in 2003. the 47-year-old accused of plotting with her boyfriend to kill her husband's friend. and the crazyiest video all day. the dramatic moment a security guard fired back at a group of armed robbers. it happened in a tax business near detroit. and the video shows one suspect pointing a combn at the receptionist' head and the security guard scrambled in the back office and shoots twice, fortunately, no one was injured, but the suspects fled and are still at large. travelers, parking their cars at the international airport. might return to find hundreds of dollars worth of damage. the culprit. you wonder why i'm smiling. the rabbits are hiding under the cars to get warm and when
4:38 am
they're hungry chew on spark plug wires. >> and it's hard to get rid of them, but try as much as possible. they're building new fences and wild life workers have row moved 100 bunies each month and those are your headlines. >> let's check with rick reichmuth with a look at the forecast. >> rick: hi, guys, it's a chilly one, one of those cold ones across the country. detroit yesterday, no stranger to snow, but two inches yesterday causing a pileup and fatality and injuries, and more lake effect snow today. all across that area. and take a look at the weather maps, show you a picture from ohio and this is actually rock creek, ohio and they got some snow and you can see that lake effect coming out there and a beautiful scene there. sent to me from jason today. it's still snowing, about 18 degrees in that area, up to
4:39 am
about 18 or stay around that range today. and tonight gets back down to 12 and remains very, very cold and rick reichmuth on twitter or put them on the facebook page. a look at the forecast across the northeast, snow today across eastern mass and it will be windy as well. three to six inches on top of what you got last week, and a big storm down to the southeast. a cool morning and across the southern plains, looking good. northern plains are very cold. in fact, blizzard watches in effect for northern minnesota. and the rockies, and tomorrow, and tuesday the next storm into california and arizona. back to you inside. >> clayton: thanks so much, rick. hey, we're talking pope inside if you can't tell. in less than two weeks, pope benedict xvi will step down from his duties as the pontiff and we're hearing his successor may be decided sooner than expected. . >> tucker: so who is on the
4:40 am
short list to be the next pope. >> anna: religious correspondent lauren green. >> why it might be shorter than the 15 day waiting period. there's no mourning. in order to have the sunday pass to stall him they have to have him in by the 7th. >> clayton: the fact we haven't had this in 600 years. and a pope who could say to someone else in the vet can. here is my choice. and see steve jobs saying at apple, tim cook. >> and the bureaucracy inside the vatican, all of these cardinals know each other and more contact with the cardials outside of the vatican and more influence than anybody else, and that's probably why you're going to see another pope from inside the vatican bureaucracy. and one of the pop picks i had. i don't know if we have
4:41 am
pictures. the cardinal is 70 years old. and he's head of the council for culture and making a leading role in reaching out to the secular world, the main thing the western industrialized world and wealthy and not seeing religion as relevant. and he'll start today, and the reason why this is significant, there are two other people who have done that as well. and both of them became pope. >> and the united states, with the western world might be a good place from which to choose a pope and there are indications it's unlikely? >> the common thought, no one is going to choose an american pope. the american church has a lot of baggage. i heard one say, it's one thing to, you know, lend the-- someone your car, another to give them your keys and give
4:42 am
it to them. the americans have a lot of cardinals in the catholic church and they don't think that they will have an american pope, so much baggage with the sexual abuse crisis and a lot of stuff in the american ct want to give it to an industrialized powerhouse like that. >> and one question, how important do you think that age will play in this. that's one of the reasons cited deteriorating health and old age. >> well, there are two schools of thought of age. one, if you get a young pope, a long time and you're stuck with it. and an older pope, hang on to this one a few years and you never know what they're going to be choosing it, they're going to be praying and influenced about a deeper meaning and the deeper need for the church. one of the problems with the church is reevangelizization of the church. you're going to find somebody
4:43 am
who has the spiritual charisma of john paul ii and intellect and theological mind of benedict xvi. and in the college of cardinals you have the dna available. because most of them have been chosen either by benedict, chosen some of them or john paul ii so you've got a powerhouse within that and figure out where it is. >> feels like we just went through this a couple years ago and-- >> maybe eight years ago. >> clayton: thank you for breaking it down for us. >> clayton: coming up on the show, remember this speech? >> i urge you to beware the temptation of pride, the temptation of declaring yourselves above it, and to ignore the facts of history and the aggressive impulses are an evil empire. >> clayton: a look back at some of the greatest moments of presidential history in time for president's day. run a red light legally coming soon to a street near you
4:44 am
perhaps. we'll explain what that means coming up. es she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur pull out the paper and what? another article that says investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars in hidden fees on their 401(k)s?! seriously? seriously. you don't believe it? search it. "401(k) hidden fees." then go to e-trade and roll over your old 401(k)s to a new e-trade retirement account. we have every type of retirement account. none of them charge annual fees and all of them offer low cost investments. why? because we're not your typical wall street firm that's why. so you keep more of your money. e-trade. less for us. more for you.
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4:47 am
>> great to be with you, 7:45 is the time now. some quick headlines for you, the air force revealing that two russian nuclear bombers just like this circled guam on tuesday hours before the president's state of the union address. in response, f-15 fighter jets scrambled and intercepted the aircraft. some drivers in alaska may soon be allowed to run red lights. a new bill makes it legal for motorcyclists to drive through only if there are no other cars around. as long as they've waited two minutes for the light to chan change. >> video like that one-- >> well, tomorrow is president's day, folks, a three-day weekend for most people. while you're enjoying the holiday don't forget to remember the men who made our nation what it is. historian nick is here this morning. thanks, it's not all about
4:48 am
mattress sales on president's day. there are great moments. let's start with teddy roosevelt one of my favorite presidents and maybe gets lost in the shovel of modern taye presidency, right? >> we forget about teddy roosevelt and when you think about it, he ushered in the modern super power that we are today. building the panama canal, he sort of did it surreptitiously. and some say he helped in panama, took that land and created the canal and we wouldn't be the two ocean powerhouse that we are today if it weren't for the panama canal and people forget what-- >> when the french couldn't do it the u.s. stepped in. and a classic, a great book. fdr, the lend-lease deal. how important that was for the country. >> when we think about fdr. a lot of opinion about roosevelt. we think about the depression,
4:49 am
world war ii. when you look at his ability to get us into the war prior to declaring war, we were an isolationist and country. and the lend-lease deal. arming them with supplies and ammunition and food. and without them, britain might not have survived to fight another day. a pivotal moment that sometimes gets underlooked. >> clayton: and here, a great moment in american history. here is sound. see if you can recall. >> climb the highest mountain, 35 years ago, fly the atlanta. why does rice playtex text, we choose to go to the moon. we choose to go to the moon and do the other things, n because they are easy, but because they are hard. >> a lot of people longing for that american optimism.
4:50 am
especially the space program, right. >> just watching that clip gives me goose bumps. it was a magical moment. a vision, the idea that we were losing the cold war, we weren't really. there was a missile gap and the soviets were ahead of us in the space race and laid out this bold vision, said that in 1962. he said before the end of the decade. eight years and we did it and you know, it was american ingenuity and the space race, leader of science and engineering in the world and on a path to winning the cold war. >> clayton: speaking about the cold war and the president got out out of the cold war and ended the cold war, ronald reagan in a famous speech at a famous and important moment in american history. >> yeah, the evil empire speech, we can see a clip here. >> clayton: yeah, go ahead and play it. >> i urge you to beware the temptation of pride, the temptation of lively-- or dechairing yourselves above it all, equally--
4:51 am
to ignore the facts of history and the aggressive impulses of an evil empire. >> clayton: the evil empire speech. >> i love that speech and you know, what's remarkable about that speech is, a, the people around him didn't really want him to give it. they thought that language was fiery in politics and spring of '83 he said i'm going to give that speech and what he want today do brand the soviets. a symmetry between kennedy's and reagan's speech. and you can see the beginning of the end of the cold war by that speech. by the end of the decade we had won it. it's an overlooked moment in our country's history. an incredible street. >> clayton: and george w. bush may be pulling something from that, naming the axis of evil years later. and great to have you here on this he president day weekend. >> good to be here. >> clayton: and yogurt is a healthy breakfast. we bet you don't know the four
4:52 am
different types of sugars in yogurt. and is the key to staying healthy written all over your face. what your eyes and cheeks can tell you about what's happening inside of your body. ♪ [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of? bikes and balloons, wholesome noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws, and spaghettio's. that's what happy kids are made of. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> 7:53 is the time now. did you know the state of your health may be written all over your face, all over your mug. face reading originated in china nearly 3000 years ago. different parts of your face like eyes and cheek help doctors diagnose ailments. >> clayton: and joining us from the department of urology
4:56 am
at winthrop. did i pronounce that correctly. >> yes. >> clayton: nailed it. why can we tell something about a human face and life span. >> chinese doctors have been studying the face for thousands of years and conventional doctors look at the face, one of the first things i learned at medical school how to look at the face for signs of disease. in the eyes we can see signs of anemia when they're pale, signs of jaundice, when the whites of the eyes go yellow. if you have a white circle around the colored part of your high, can be a sign of high cholesterol. the outer third of your eyebrows, lose them, could be thyroid and the face can tell us so much about your medical health. if you have a crease in your ear lobe, vertical. risk of cardiac disease. >> anna: how did you know you didn't sleep on your ear funny
4:57 am
and didn't sleep, and eyes are red? >> we look at the big picture. people who have emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and we have this look in the face called a pink puffer he, the cheeks are very pink and emphysema, bronchitis, you'll often see cyanosis of the lips, and the lips can be with lung disease. >> tucker: and the term liver spots is rooted in science. >> many signs of liver disease are in the face we've talked about jaundice, the eyes going yellow and the skin can have a yellow tinge if you're jaundiced and spider veins on the face where the vines are close to the face. >> kidneys and we'll talk to lungs in a second. and how can you tell on the face, something is wrong with your kidneys. >> i'm a urologist, kidney
4:58 am
diseased and failure the skin may take on a continuing and the patient doesn't look well in advanced kidney disease, but specific signs other than that are not so common with kidney disease. >> we're out of time and when people want more information for your work, where can they find you. >> go to the website, dr. thank you. >> tucker: amazing. >> anna: republicans blocking the president's pick for the defense secretary. is it the end of the road for chuck hagel? chris wallace joins us next hour. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo.
4:59 am
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5:01 am
>> good morning to you, eight o'clock on the dot now. sunday, february 17th. i'm anna kooiman in for alisyn camerota. the not moving fast enough.
5:02 am
white house drafting its own version of an immigration bill. we'll have a live report from washington d.c. >> tucker: a shocking story. he's an admitted cop killer, why are these people rallying in support of him, him being christopher dorner. >> clayton: have you ever eaten yogurt for breakfast? what about granola bars. disturbing news for breakfast foods we've been told are good for us. it will change the way you eat breakfast, we hope. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ >> looking forward to this segment. rich foods, poor food. it helps lot if you eat protein. in the morning-- >> who would have thought granola bars are a good idea. i'd rather have a snickers, the same amount of calories. >> clayton: pastry covered in--
5:03 am
well, creamed cheese, but yogurt, too, the sugar packed into yogurt people think they're doing with the low fat and shove high fructose concern syrup. >> tucker: anything tasty is not good. >> that's not true. a delicious roast chicken, come over to dinner and my wife would be happy to serve to you and delicious, too. >> anna: she's watching and brownie points. >> tucker: president obama says she's running out of patience on the topic of immigration reform. and the white house has drafted its own version of an immigration bill. one republican says that would be dead on arrival. and doug luzader joins us with details of the story. >> good morning, asking the public for donations to help secure the borders, one part of the presidential plan for immigration he reform. and that would offer to legalize some 11 million immigrants in this country. and one republican senator says the plan, which was leaked to the usa today, is
5:04 am
dead on arrival, but it does follow-up on a promise that the president made during an immigration speech in las vegas. >> but it's important for us to recognize that the foundation for bipartisan action is already in place. and if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist that they vote on it right away. >> tucker: here is what the plan includes. a new lawful prospective immigrant visa that would be available to illegal immigrants. they would have to pass a criminal background check, but there's a fair amount of flexibility on that because unless a person has been convicted of three crimes or served more than a year in prison, he or she would not be disqualified and spouses or children not yet in the country would also be included and there would be some new provisions for border security and specifics are vague. one detail stands out the
5:05 am
department of homeland security would be authorized to accept donations to brief up border security, they could come from businesses, local governments and individual citizens, all told the plan is going over like a lead balloon with the senate republican point man and marco rubio, here is his response. this legislation, he says, is half baked and seriously flawed and would actually make our immigration problems worse and would further undermine the american people's confidence in washington's ability to enforce our immigration laws and reform our broken immigration system. and the white house says that there is not yet a final bill, but it sure sounds like they're moving forward hammering out a plan as a bipartisan group of senators on capitol hill is trying to come up with their own comprehensive immigration reform package. anna, kclayton and tucker back to you. >> anna: brand new video into the fox news room from the
5:06 am
vatican, pope benedict xvi delivering the traditional sunday blessing for the first time since announcing hess resignation. and he made no reference to his stunning decision to step down, but thanking the tens of thousands of catholics. relatives going on camera the first time since the blade runner was charged with murdering his girlfriend. >> including its own forensic evidence strongly disputes any possibility of premeditated murder. >> anna: his uncle says that oscar is quote, numb with shock and grief and that he was planning a future with model reeva steenkamp. the first episode of the show she starred in aired in south africa last night and included this chilling clip. >> i'm going to miss you all so much. and i love you very, very mu much. >> anna: and that was part of
5:07 am
a tribute played before the episode, so eerie considering the circumstances there. overnight two military jets escorting a plane away from a no-fly zone where president obama is vacationing in florida and forced to land at a town in stuart north of palm beach and the f.a.a. is now investigating that incident. it streaked across russia's sky line at supersonic speed, setting off a blast that injured more than 1200 people. (scream (screams) >> in the wake of the meteor, a hawaii professor is developing a new tracking system to detect exactly when and where a meteor will hit. >> you can see it will be exactly such and so position to within a mile, and it will happen at exactly such and such a time to within a second. >> anna: the project recently received 5 million dollars in funding from nasa. now, meanwhile, one politician in rush that insists the
5:08 am
explosion was not caused by a meteor, but insisted, that john kerry was behind this, backing a new weapons of mass destruction being tested by the united states government. >> clayton: he goes on to say that john kerry was repeatedly calling his russian counterpart in russia to try to get him on the phone and wouldn't and he got mad and we tested a missile over russia. >> tucker: john kerry did it. really? >> all right, thank you, russia. let's talk about this now, if you were watching the news yesterday you may have seen a bunch of supporters showing up at a rally at the los angeles police department headquarters yesterday. all in support of reform there, but all supporting christopher dorner. does that name sound familiar? well, it should because he's the professed and admitted cop killer who went on that killing spree, wound up being meld up in that house in big bear and the shootout to led
5:09 am
to his death. >> some of the protesters there also saying that they believe the lapd did never want dorner to come out, but the police and other law enforcement on the scene there in big bear, california, you know, first they called for him to surrender, he didn't. then they put in like low powered tear gas, he didn't come out and put in the pyrotechnic stuff and he tied they say it from a self-inflicted gunshot. >> tucker: and chris dorner was a liar and bowing to his manifesto to somehow examine racism in the lapd. and the if you make a specific charge of racism you ought to back it up with specific examples, he didn't, dorner didn't, and the idiots outside of lapd didn't either.
5:10 am
it's not enough to level the charge, you're a racist. >> he generally talks about the mark fuhrman days and darryl gates day in lapd history and people are trying to show support for his manifesto, leaving out the part where he was going to exact revenge and terrorism spree and take out any los angeles police department police officers and family members. >> tucker: and the irony, lapd for many, many decades had a reputation for being noncorrupt. which is saying a lot. a lot of people have a lot of corrupt police departments including this one in new york city and l.a. never did and history-- >> rick is joining us with the forecast, but it's unbelievable, there's even a video game about christopher dorner's last few moments of survival. >> rick: already? >> developers move quickly when they know they can make money off of a tragedy. >> rick: man, that's disgusting. all right, guys, switch gears,
5:11 am
cold across the northeast and the southeast, you're 35 degrees in tampa. a lot of florida dealing with some of the coldest air this year and as well as in general areas of the southeast and we saw snow across areas of south carolina yesterday and that temperature waking up only into the low 20's and it's breezy out there. and 26 is what you're at right now. it's eight o'clock in the morning, 8:09 and you're 26 degrees in tallahassee. tonight, another cold one, get ready, more hard freeze warnings in effect and a hard freeze watch all the way to the north to naples area and that cold front is the same one that spawned this next storm that developed here and this is a coastal storm similar to the storm last week, it's farther off shore and not talking about as much snow making its way inland and the wind. the winds are there and the snow is there and it will wind down by this afternoon and we'll see probably three to five inches of additional snowfall accumulating. central plains looking really, really nice and warm and enjoy the couple of storms across the country this week, guys,
5:12 am
one for thursday, a quick look ahead. potentially a big blizzard for nebraska and we'll look at that and severe weather breaking out this week as well. >> thank you so much. rick. coming up on the show and republicans blocking president obama's pick for defense secretary. is this really the end. road for chuck hagel? chris wallace joins us live from washington when we come back. >> tucker: and the great white shark, this diver hitches a ride from one of the world's most dangerous sea creatures coming up. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn
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5:15 am
>> republican senator successfully pick a stand against president obama's nominee for defense secretary chuck hagel. >> if you think this was just washington as usual, think again.
5:16 am
filibuster a nominee to the president's cabinet is actually very, very rare. could this spell the end for chuck hagel's candidacy. joining us is the anchor chris wallace. is this the end of the hagel candidacy. >> no, i'll say it's rare and in fact the first time ever that the senate has blocked even temporarily a nomination for defense secretary like this. but the republicans are making it clear they want to use the senate is now on a week recess and they want to use this time to try to get answers to more questions about hagel and especially about the benghazi terror attack, a lot of questions they still have they feel the administration has not answered and basically using the nomination as leverage to get that information and some of the leaders of the charge are promising if they get the information, then they'll allow hagel to get an up or down vote and seems clear he would get the 51 votes then to be confirmed as secretary of
5:17 am
defense. >> clayton: you know, chris, something that stood out to me is the backbone of harry reid. had he perhaps more of a backbone during these filibuster negotiations, and filibuster reform, perhaps he wouldn't be sitting here having this discussion anyway, and some of the fault, maybe a large portion of the fault lay with harry reid for us even having this discussion this morning? >> well, in fairness, look, both sides have threatened to do something about the filibuster and both sides are reluctant to do it, because quite frankly, they know the once that were in the majority now know at some point they'll be in the minority and vice versa and you know, there is some deference made to some rules of the senate and one of the things they all say if we'd stop the filibuster we'd become just like the house and i promise you on in congress on capitol hill that's not a compliment. >> is there any merit to what democrats are saying about the g.o.p. blocking this and putting the country at risk 'cause it's such an important security post? >> no, i mean, for one thing,
5:18 am
the senate democrats said well, we're not going to have a defense secretary and we are in wars and all kinds of defense and we have the defense secretary leon panet panetta, who is dying to go home and else's going to a meeting of n.a.t.o. ministers this week in brussels and there's going to be no vacancy at the top of the national security chain, but there are some legitimate concerns and some people in this town are worried even if hagel gets through, he'll be damaged and less effective in dealing with the senate and congress, and less effective in dealing with people inside the i don't know how much that's true. if he gets confirmed, i think he becomes the secretary of defense and he has the powers of that job. >> clayton: watch fox news sunday this morning. and he has senator rand paul and senator lindsey graham as well. a great discussion and always great to see you, have a great weekend. >> thank you, guys. >> thanks, chris, coming up, a home up in flames and then
5:19 am
this. >> an explosion. that's what you just saw, sent firefighters running for their lives. more this have remarkable and dramatic video coming up. >> have you ever eaten yogurt for breakfast? probably have. how about granola bars. disturbing news on foods we've been told are good for us. that's coming up next. ♪ look what mommy is having.
5:20 am
mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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5:22 am
>> quick headlines for you, marco rubio is a busy man
5:23 am
these days. he's in the middle east visiting israel and jordan and there he'll meet with israel's president and prime minister to discuss an arab israeli peace process as well as iran's nuclear program and learn more about syrian civil war when he gets to jordan and he's set to return home this friday. an and a purple heart medal lost for decades in an apartment basement will be returned to the world war ii's family. he was killed protecting soldiers back in italy in 1945 and his purple heart medal was discovered four months ago and will be given to his daughter. >> anna: they'll enjoy that so much. thank you so much, tucker. do you ever find yourself out the door in the morning and grabbing a granola bar or a yogurt for breakfast. these simple items we thought were healthy. and they call these foods the breakfast bombs. the authors of "rich food, poor food", first up we have
5:24 am
the frappaccino that obviously tastes delicious and as much sugar as candy bars? >> absolutely, 81 grams of sugar in the starbucks frappacci frappaccino. >> anna: not one, but four. >> eating all of those three times the amount that the national heart association thinks you should have. >> anna: rather than a snickers, butter finger, and make your own. >> get rid of the pesticides. and pro feen-feen, protein. and stevia, and tastes the same. >> anna: you have to dirty up a blender and going to take time and it's worth it. >> absolutely, pay now or later. and much healthier and you're going to have all of those things gone. >> anna: and cereal, this is another easy one we like, and we think we're having
5:25 am
something healthy when we eat this. >> it's healthy until we look at the ingredients. there's 600 forms. and the main ingredient in the cereal, wheat. we used to think that wheat was good for us, and whole grains. and whole grains can spike the insulin as much as a candy bar. and people who eat wheat eat 400 more calories a day and this could easily be swapped out. >> exactly the same. one of our favorite cereals louise's 100% granola. a lot of flavor and something else, chia. high omega 3, the same your doctor tells you to take you for your heart hefalth. >> and brain health. >> anna: it's delicious. how about yogurt. this is our breakfast yogurt. buy an organic yogurt.
5:26 am
and the nonorganic could have the cows eating this certain concern. >> anna: it's pretty, you've got the yo combugurt and the-- >> that's prettier, a real berry. >> check this out. this has our yogurt. and no synthetic hormones to the dairy cows, thinged to cancer in humans and pesticide-free, and this is as as much protein as a can of tuna. >> 23 grams in a serving as opposed to. >> 7. >> that's a different. >> you're not going to spike your insulin. and msg makes you eat 40% more during the the day. >> and the name of your book. >> "rich food poor food" there's coupons for a lot of
5:27 am
the foods on our website, go to the rich food resource center. >> great information as we're trying to figure out what to have for breakfast before we head the out the door. coming up on "fox & friends," e. coli fears prompting a big recall of something you may eat every single day. up close and personal with a great white shark, a ride from one of the world's most dangerous animals. ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. [ sigh of relief ]
5:28 am
we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align. ♪ need help keeping your digesve balance in sync? try align. it's a probiotic that fortifies your digestive system with healthy bacteria 24/7. because your insides set the tone. stay in the groove with align.
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5:30 am
5:31 am
>> welcome back. it's time for your shot of the morning, check this out. i know it's the question in all of your minds. how long could a dime roll on a treadmill before falling off? the answer is one hour. this video was just posted on youtube on thursday and more than 110,000 hits. are people that bored? 110,000 people have watched this video? >> i once fell off a treadmill looking at a boy. >> oh, there you go. >> anna: less than an hour. >> did he notice? >> yeah, another embarrassing time, a cute guy i was checking out and thought he was checking out me, too, and he's waving and i'm waving back at i look behind me, and he's waving at some girl behind me. >> clayton: and breaking news on the dime. it's lost so much weight, it's a nickel. (laughter) >> and you know what? i will defend that.
5:32 am
>> bad. >> anna: it doesn't make any sense at all. >> clayton: tucker likes bad puns. >> tucker: yes, do i. >> anna: we'll dig our way out of this one. 8:30 is our time on a sunday morning. to your headlines, a house explosion in alabama sends firefighters diving for cover. a kitchen fire got out of control and quickly consumed the home and the flames hit oxygen tanks in the bedroom and six people ran inside and luckily, no one, including those firefighters, were seriously injured. never before seen letters written by john lennon's killers giving a look into his deranged mind. mark david chapman asked the officer who arrested him to be his friend. chapman says he felt coast to him and asked him to help him find his copy of ""catcher in the rye" at the scene.
5:33 am
and chapman is serving 20 years it life in prison for lennon's murder and denied parole several times. . >> no, these are not special effects. this woman is actually swimming with the great white shark. her name is ocean ramsey, but you might as well call her the shark whisperer. she's a shark conservationist in highway highway and swimming with sharks since 14 years old she said and many say she's worried that they're misunderstood and close to extinction and amazing way to show the man eating sharks. that's a bold woman. i wonder how she would fall into the next discussion how we spend our time. a new book out called "how we spend our time" it looks at interestingly enough, looks how our entire day the moment we wake up until the end of the day how americans spend their waking hours through the
5:34 am
week and pretty shocking. you know what they spend an awful lot of of time doing, discouraging. >> tucker: sleeping. >> anna: 8.45 hours every weekday. >> tucker: the average american. >> anna: i can't imagine. 9.3 on the weekend. >> clayton: 8.45 during the weekday and sleep in a little on the weekend hoping to make up to that. >> tucker: can you imagine on your death bed, i wish i'd slept more. >> anna: you can sleep when you're dead, a friend says. >> clayton: that's why we get sick. wasted at work, hours spent wasting at work doing things on the computer or other things, and these are the hours spent working here. three hours or more yjust waste. probably fooling around on facebook, 22% of to you that, hour or less, whopping 64%. on your lunch break, buying some shoes or-- >> how about waiting in line. something that's a huge pet peeve of mine. average new yorker highest in
5:35 am
the nation, 6 minutes and 51 seconds. >> clayton: is that per day? that's per day or per week? amount of time spent in line. >> tucker: otherwise a small percentage of the average woman takes to get ready on a monday morning. the most interesting fact in this survey. >> anna: hey. >> tucker: compare the amount of time an average woman gets ready for work on her day on a monday. on minute. 19 minutes for a shower, 23 minutes for hair, 18 for makeup everybody, 16 to get addressed. but things change by the end of the week. >> anna: i understand the longer shower on monday, you're trying to wake up right, on tuesday, ten minutes as opposed to 19. hair 12 minutes, makeup 9 minutes, dressed 9 minutes. a total of 40 minutes, but on friday, throw he it out the window. >> tucker: let yourself go. showering ten minutes, 6 minutes for hair, dressed in
5:36 am
one minute and pay attention to this around the office on a friday to see if the outfits are wasted and the worst outfit in the closet. >> tucker: what outfit could you get into in a minute. >> anna: a lot of velcro yoo that's like a costume change and i look at that number and think an hour and 16 minutes to get ready? i've never spent that amount of time. maybe for prom and even then probably like 30 minutes getting ready for prom. >> anna: rougher disappointed when the lady walks downstairs after an hour and 16 minutes getting ready. >> clayton: am i-- no, she looks fabulous and i look like a schrepp. >> tucker: botox in the morning, hair product, and false eyelashes. people underestimate it. >> clayton: and how much time people spend exercise, men overwhelmingly crush women as it comes toexercising. 27 minutes versus 15 minutes daily. i don't believe that for a second. what about this win, arguing,
5:37 am
new couples, if you're newly in love. about an hour and 20 minutes arguing per week, and if you've been together three years or more, 2.7 hours arguing. >> anna: even in a new love. i'm surprised 1.2 hours, you're in la-la land. >> tucker: and how often could you cry, women cry 5.3 per month. and men, american men who opened up the west and made it to the soon. 1.4 times, every months. >> anna: not these two tough guys. >> clayton: john boehner raises the overall average. rick, do you cry a lot. >> rick: not a single one of those that makes sense, i've got to say. >> and the women getting dressed and deteriorating. >> rick: what person works
5:38 am
over five hours on the weekend a day. you might work and look the at the blackberry, you're not working the whole time and the other deal, not saying i won't cry, but i will, when do i cry for a minute? that's a lot-- >> might tear up for something. >> tucker: a misty. >> clayton: choked up for a second. >> tucker: and the weeping. >> rick: take a look at the weather maps, just for you, anna, south carolina, they got snow yesterday and here is the video out of south carolina as well and they had some pretty significa snow up to three inches, not that normal for south carolina. and now 27 degrees and sunshine, thank you for sending that to me. and look the at the forecast
5:39 am
across the southeast, you'll see more snow across eastern areas of massachusetts and rhode island and in towards parts of maine and it will be a windy and cold one there. and lake effect snow that will make its way across the central appalachians and baltimore 35. a cool day for the most part. across the eastern side of the picture and eastern side of the picture, sunshine in texas looking pretty nice. in the northern plains we'll see snow this evening and across fargo, minnesota and north dakota and overall the temps not tooking that bad. in general, the central part of the country we're looking at a warmer day than typical. across the west, a little bit of snow into the inner mountain west and rockies and much of southern california and arizona looking sunny and nice. all right. back to you inside. >> tucker: rick, you're hopping up and down and-- >> you know what? it's cold out here and i forgot my coat upstairs on the 17th floor and seems too cold to get it. trying to tough it out. >> tucker: take the stairs,
5:40 am
warm it up. >> let's see how long we can extend the segue. >> tucker: keep it going. >> clayton: tell me about your childhood. >> rick: where do we begin. >> anna: you're evil. >> clayton: coming up on the show, e. coli fears affecting something you might eat every day coming up. >> anna: and your taxpayer dollars funding this bizarre sensitivity class coming up on camera. >> say the pilgrims never gave passports to the indians. so just wait until you hear the price tag of just one, just one of these. we'll be back. ♪
5:41 am
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5:44 am
>> there you are. thank you for joining us, i'm anna kooiman. taylor farms a recalling a number of organic spinach nationwide over e. coli. taylor farms organic, central market organic, full circle organic, market side organic and simple truth organic, so far no one has gotten sick. bringing the "titanic" back to life? ♪ >> i'm flying. >> anna: my favorite scene. the australian builder of the ship say they're flooded with people who want to be the first passengers. "titanic" 2 slated to hit the seas, i don't know if i'd want to, especially whether everything going on with ships
5:45 am
now. >> tucker: consider what happened at usda, united states department of agriculture. training its workers in what it calls cultural sensitivity. take a look. >> i want you to see america was founded by outsiders, say that. go ahead insiders. get very nervous about today's outsiders. i want you to say pilgrims were inner related. say the pilgrims never gave their passports to the indians. good people, let's not be foo fools. >> tucker: you pay for that. that was taxpayer funded by the obama administration. it's brain washing, say critics and it's also left wing. the president of judicial watch the group that exposed this tape, thanks for coming on. the scene that underlies this whole video is that white men are bad. how is it that a federal
5:46 am
contractor gets to make basically a racist case like this and take federal money and no one says anything about it? >> part of a massive program by the usda. they talk about cultural transformation and the program is designed to raise your emotional intelligence and that one seminar, the best we can tell, $7500 just for the services of the gentleman running it, not to mention the cost of the employees who are paid significantly by the taxpayer to attend that time waster. >> tucker: if you switched out white males for any other group in american society and you held a seminar like this in a federal agency you'd have the justice department on you in 20 minutes, don't you think? >> this seminar is full of racial hostility, they assume white males have this defect of being racist and sexist and homophobic, all sorts of weird
5:47 am
historical claptrap about us stealing the constitutional system of the government from the iroquois and how we stole the southwest of tamerican and there father they are no illegal aliens. >> tucker: this guy is an idiot. if you don't believe me viewers pull it up and take a look at it. the thought the idea of electing president obama, americans could rise above our history and we're wallowing in the worst parts of it here why? >> this is standard operating procedure for the diversity cult that's infecting our government, major corporations. my guess there are many listeners who sat through presentations like this, and watched this video aired on fox, e-mails from former government officials and
5:48 am
current government employees who remember this guy going back to the year 2000. he's been around a while. his company contract with, throughout the government and local and state governments and corporations. this is just typical diversity talk within our-- within our government and within our corporate culture and what needs to be exposed and private companies want to waste their money, that's fine, but our taxpayers dollars need to be more wisely. >> tucker: if you're a participant in one of these seminars and spend all day how white men are bad. wouldn't you feel-- is it a surprise that race relations are so bad? >> they highlight the differences of people as opposed to those that unite us and people focus on those in the workplace and i think these types of programs lead to increased disputes about racial discrimination and
5:49 am
baseless. it's a major problem of the federal government and we talk about a lot of problems here in washington and this is a lot of what goes on in washington in terms of everyday government and what bureaucrats do each and every day and we need to talk about it more. is there any area ripe for oversight this is it. >> i agree, assuming someone is courageous enough to bring it up. it's endemic and thanks a lot. should fourth graders really be learning about infidelity? the shocking homework assignment a teacher handed out to her students. unbelievable. and the winter blues, how this view could be yours without breaking the bank. the best travel deals too good to be true, but actually are true coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes?
5:50 am
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5:52 am
5:53 am
>> all right. welcome back. one of my favorite segments. you have to winter time blues right now and cold and stuffed up. you want a nice vacation and expensive and courtney scott. senior editor travelocity. it's nice to see you. >> always nice to see you. >> clayton: we were chatting and if you still want the snow and adventure. you have those and warm climate stuff. let's start with the snow, jackson hole, wyoming. >> yeah, a mix of everything and this is a big ski adventure in jackson hole. 603 dollars, the flight and
5:54 am
five nights stay at grand view lodge. jackson hole had 24 feet of snow this year and puts them at the top of the list for accumulation in all of the rocky mountains and ranked number one by ski magazine for overall satisfaction, for character, and speaking of character, grand view lodge has a ton of it. in a one bedroom condo, indoor fireplace and a great deal. >> years ago i did a western adventure piece and stayed there. they have like outdoor spas and hot tubs and right there at the base of the mountain. >> yeah, it's close to jackson, old town square, too, which is great. >> and washington d.c. during the cherry blossom festival. >> it's a must once in a your life and takes off march 20th. this deal is kind of in the peak season march 28th to april 4th, five nights and
5:55 am
flight, capital hilton, the washington muments and the basin where the cherry trees are located and close to that. you can download the app to keep track of the blooms and make sure that you're planning your vacation in time for the peak season definitely this year. >> clayton: it's like the leaf peeping app. the best times. >> yes. >> clayton: number three, honolulu go to hawaii this is a great deal. and the near the disney resort not in waikiki, but away. >> it's a retreat out of the hustle and bustle. it's the resort and spa, 1,153, includes five nights and a flight, and this is 40% off published rates, so snatch up this deal quickly. the resort is chic and relaxing on the lagoon as we said and excellent activities
5:56 am
land and sea and deep sea fishing. >> and see lions sun themselves around the corner there. >> yeah, wild life, hawaii can't beat it. >> clayton: unbelievable. here this is amazing if you thought of going to latin america, nicaragua, the sun and sea as well. >> it will sound like a spurring, but when you see the digs, and 1,553, you're staying in your own private casa, your own house, it looks like it's torn out of the pages of a design magazine, beautiful massive cane ceiling, wood exposed details and natural light and local arts interspersed throughout the space and beyond the casa, day trips in grenada oldest colonial city and check out
5:57 am
the southern pacific coast of nicaragua. it's unspoiled, undiscovered and they do private sailing excursions as part of the resorts. >> clayton: amazing, two bedroom place to yourself. the house, five nights stay and the flight for $1500 a person. >> yes. >> clayton: go to go to where courtney has a lot of great deals for you. great to see you. >> great to see you, thanks. >> clayton: doctors only gave this baby a 5% chance of survival and find out how doctors saved baby edward by freezing his body. that story, you don't want to miss coming up. then, the best news a mom could ask for, her soldier daughter home from war, wait until you see the big surprise she planned, that story at the top of the hour. ♪
5:58 am
♪ but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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6:01 am
fox and friends, i'm anna. i'm in. when it comes for immigration reform congress is not moving fast enough. they are drafting their own version of the immigration reform. >> he is admitted a cop killer. why in the world are these people in support of christopher dorner. we'll have that. plus should fourth graders be learning about infidelity in school? shocking homework assignment. fox and friends hour four starts right now.
6:02 am
welcome to fox and friends on this sunday morning. that is tucker carlson. >> and anna coyman. >> and president following through one of the major promises through his second term. >> apparently congress hasn't moved that fast. the white house releasing a draft version of the plan to leak to the u.s.a. today, some republicans say would be dead on arrival. doug joins us with the latest details with the fast moving story. >> it looks like the president has planned they may cause some heartburn on the capitol hill as they try do come up with compromise. obama plan would be a massive rework of the immigration laws to provide a pathway to legalization for 11 million illegal immigrants and their families.
6:03 am
president is in a hurry to get this done and this is seen as an effort to prod congress. here is what he said during a question and answer session. >> we kind of stretch our administrative flexibility as much as we can, that is why we get reform done is so important. frankly, my goal is to make sure that we get that done in the next four or five months. >> let's take a look the specifics of the plan. first, all immigrants would be eligible for a lawful prospective visa. there would be criminal background checks but only those convicted of three crimes or a year in prison would be excluded and the spouses and children of those immigrants would be offered legal status. there are some nods to border security in this but republicans may have a real issue for some
6:04 am
of the details. marco rubio called it half baked. president's bill would be dead on arrival leaving us with unsecured borders and broken system for years to come. big sticking point may come down to whether any plan has a trigger mechanism that border security happens first before there is any new legal pathways to eventual citizenship. >> thank you, doug. >> two minutes after the hour. now to the headlines. brand-new video into the fox newsroom from the vatican, pope benedict xvi delivering the traditional sunday blessing since announcing his resignation thanks to tens of thousands of catholics at square, he thanked them. >> and first time since the blade runner was charged with
6:05 am
murdering his girlfriend. >> including the forensic evidence strongly disputes any possibility of premeditated murder. >> they say oscar is shocked in grief and he was planning a future with the girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the first episode aired last night and included a chilling clip. >> i'm going to miss you so much. >> that was part of a think beauty played at the start of the episode. it set meteor right injured more than 200 people. [ siren ] >> in the wake of meteor, they
6:06 am
are developing a new tracking system to track when a meteor when and where it will hit. >> it will be positioned within a mile and happen at such a time within a second. >> the project recently received $5 million in funding from nasa. one politician in russia says it was not caused by a meteor but instead by the u.s. government. >> and daughter's surprise homecoming. >> the air woman posted this on line, she came on home a week earlier than expected and she was able to surprise her mom at work and spend quality time together. hopefully they enjoyed the
6:07 am
meatloaf they were talking about. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> okay. let's talk about what is going on in california because of this rally that happened yesterday. interestingly at the lapd headquarters. we know the drama unfolding when police were trying to track down and capture christopher dorner the cop killer who went on this rampage and terrorized most of los angeles. you can imagine all the police officers there that were scared to death this guy was going to be hunting him. all these people came to his defense. they are out there showing his support for what they say is manifesto and the lapd needs to work on the part of racist problem. here is part of it. this department has not changed from the darrell gates and mark fuhrman days. those officers have been promoted to command staff and
6:08 am
supervisory position. i will correct this error. that is the universal excuse for everything according to cop killing to this protestors. this guy was a flat out loser who was fired for lying. he was clearly frustrated by his own personal failures but the willingness to take the claim someone was racist. society should draw a clear line violence is not acceptable. >> a lot of these protestors saying the lapd and other law enforcement did not want christopher dorner to come out alive and the police chief threw in tear gas that was a more mild form and he ended up putting a bullet in his own brain from everything we are hearing. so from the law enforcement side
6:09 am
they followed protocol. >> and to your point about, they are glows go over this. the protestors are saying, violence are one side but we do support his manifesto. they are gloss go over the fact killing innocent people and an elderly person and a wife who wasn't involved and had nothing to do with the work with the lapd and didn't even know who darrell gates was. well, you know i'm the other hand they are racist. you shouldn't be charging out unless you move it. that is serious thing to say. even if it is true. it doesn't justify violence in this or any circumstance. >> and how do you feel about what your kids are learning in school. there was a student who had some homework and the lesson that this child and the whole class rumor was learning was a lesson in cheating. this there was a homework assignment and asking questions
6:10 am
and one of them, what would you do if you saw a someone with a person on the other side of the bed. >> it was part of a problem. a little shocked to see it on my homework. i had to ask my mom, what they were asking me, so basically the teacher even admitted she hadn't read the assignment when she handed it out. the mom i would have gotten a bad grade. did you ever have assignments and in the directions it says do not complete any of the rest because most people would skip over the directions. >> the idea that a word problem would contain infidelity. she has a yoga instructor and a pool boy and it's crazy.
6:11 am
>> if i suar that it would be frightening and forces the parents to talk about this at a younger age. >> they are in fourth grade. >> teach them to read and history and math and lets the parents do rest. >> it happens to arizona. rick riechmuth is from arizona. >> i didn't get that word problem when i was in school. they are starting much earlier. here you go. warming up back above freezing tonight in tallahassee. don't worry after that it will warm up. we got one more cool day and a cold night across florida and then we see a very nice improvement. snow all morning law along eastern massachusetts. that will wind down but the winds are pretty significant, 35 miles an hour at the end of the
6:12 am
cape. aside from that, no other real precipitation today anywhere across the country. temperatures are above average. tomorrow we'll see the cooler air move in. this will be an active week, tuesday storm and a thursday i think and potential blockbuster storm with snow across nebraska and potential severe weather in the plains. >> coming up here, crazy video you will see. watch this. dramatic moment, a security guard fires back at a group of armed robbers. >> then you hear it all the time. our debt is going to ruin our
6:13 am
kids' future and our next guest says america is already living a nightmare. we reported, you decide. ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪ ♪ she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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6:16 am
our debt climbs higher and higher. >> you have heard politicians we are passing these problems down to our children and grandchildren but by the looks of things, it's our problem. the problem is now and syndicated columnist joins us here. you have a column here we have misfrail the debate. this is a problem for us. it's a problem for today. >> we don't want to pass these
6:17 am
problems for our children and grandchildren but we have 10, 20 years, let's spend money now. that delays the decision we need to make which we have to reduce spending. a former reagan treasury official took a look at this and crowding out. uncle sam, gobbling up the money and there is a little left over for small businesses and households. between the second quarter of 2011 and year later, amount of money borrowed by the government went up 12% and credit to private sector, down 1.2, so we're seeing this money that should be going into job creation new factories, it's being hogged up by the government and that is part of the reason we have a 7.9% unemployment rate. >> some of our viewers, the cuts we are talking about. big cuts in at the questions
6:18 am
terrify that paul ryan had been pushing for back in 2011, they are not really cuts. these are budgets that go up every year. we are cutting the rise in some of these budgets every year but we frame them as big cuts. >> we here these big cuts and grandma and the kids will starve. we of $16.5 trillion debt. we are we need to look at the federal programs across the board. do we need at department of agriculture. why the housing sector tries to raise home prices and affordable housing more affordable than ever. the federal government is wrapped up in so many activities we need a shut down program and get government out of certain areas. then you have actual budget cuts
6:19 am
than increases that don't go up quite as much. >> $16.5 trillion is the official number but it doesn't count unfunded liability. promises we have made to our citizens. >> if you include that it's about $80 trillion. i don't know if we will ever pay these bills off. the moment has come. not in ten or 20 years, it has to happen today. >> clayton: i remember when i saw that number one trillion in debt, how are we going to pay this off. now it's 16 and rising. coming up. doctors only gave this baby a 5% chance of survival but then they froze the body. >> and then what happens when public marriage proposals go wrong.
6:20 am
we are about to show you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ al stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's is ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs - each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your
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6:23 am
♪ ♪ >> anna: meet baby edward, a living breathing miracle. he was born with a heart beating way too fast and doctors said there was a 5% to survive but he is alive and well today. they froze his body using blankets with ice. here is susan steinbaum. good morning, thanks for being
6:24 am
with us. we love medical stories like this that have a happy ending. i'll let you tell his conditions. but the top part of the heart. >> his heart was beating super tachycardia. it's the top part of the heart is beating rapidly and there was concern that he wasn't going to get enough oxygen and blood flow to brain and vital organs. >> anna: i've seen this and wacky things going on. this is somebody that is much older but this is rare to be doing to such a small child. >> this cooling treatment has been used in newborns that there is a lack of oxygen to brain. it's been shown as being very
6:25 am
helpful but we have used it as heart attacks and decreasing it to heart muscles. >> in process you don't freeze them, put them in a freezer, right? >> not exactly but what has been done is a cooling blanket that is put around the baby and the body temperature will drop down to 91 degrees. >> anna: normal is 91.6 and how long does the process last? >> after they did the first time and warmed him up the fast heart came back and then you increase it half a degree they warm him up very slowly. it's the only thing that turned out to be effective. >> anna: is there long term effects of freezing someone like this? >> in children the goal is to prevent any effects and he
6:26 am
should be fine. >> anna: and what are the parents reaction when you said this is was the treatment of little baby edward? >> i think the parents, certainly when you of a baby that is stick you want to do anything to do get the baby healthy. i'm sure they went through that emotional upheaval. >> anna: doctor, thank you so much for your time. thank you. 9:24 is the timer on the clock. tucker you got stories on the police. >> tucker: a volcano, a university ordering them to acknowledge pagan holidays. does anybody should feel left out even witches. >> is this the most annoying cat in the world? what is up? i want to leave right now. this is how i knock on the door. you decide, this feline won't give up. ♪ ♪
6:27 am
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6:30 am
knock on my door. good morning, folks. you hear that constant knocking? this cat figured out how to put the back leg like a rabbit.
6:31 am
he is insistent he wants to get out or keep knocking. you know that these doors are light, it is paper. all day and just let him out. when you hear the staccato cat knock. >> anna: this is computer generated. >> tucker: no, most things in japan are computer generated but a web cam because he knew the cat. do you really want to know what the animals are doing when you are gone. let's talk about this. pc police are at it again because there are wikens and pagans. i don't know if they make up a large percentage of the population. >> they don't. >> but apparently at university
6:32 am
of missouri, they make up such a large population they need all their holidays recognized. >> bad side of wicked, 20% of all health are wicked. >> wiken. >> the information about the wiken and pagan holiday has been in the guides since last fall. keep in mind this is not intended just for faculty and informational guide but that is there the missouri of university. >> we had tammy bruce and it probably wouldn't happen in any other country. >> i think this is again not about elevating anyone else, it's about pagans and wiccans to
6:33 am
be used to downgrade the majority of americans. i think this anti-tradition action. i think pagans and wiccans should be angry about being iced by the establishment. the tradition in this country is allow pagans and wicc angst, lood look. >> somehow if you are a christian in this country you can't say merry christmas or else you are putting your christian faith on other people. >> but you get 20 holidays if you are a wiccan is that the one to go with. if you are going to pick one, go with the one with the most holidays. >> any religion the most sacred day is halloween, kajtd take it seriously. call me a bigot. what i would be more on the pagan side -- >> how many wiccans can name all
6:34 am
the holidays. >> i actually went because there was a backlash against wiccans and i interviewed a number of them. we are the most peaceful individuals. we don't practice crazy things. we are just of the earth. >> tucker: every one that i have met are compulsive did you think johns and dragons player. >> a likes a lot of inzones. >> and also this, the president of the united states has mentioned a number of times the middle-class. the phrase being thrown around in the campaign by mitt romney and president obama. what does it mean? the president used it a number of times during the state of the union. listen. >> a thriving middle-class. we want to grow the middle-class by shifting the cost of, a
6:35 am
growing economy that creates middle-class parents can't afford to. >> to grow our middle-class, new opportunities for the middle-class for who are willing to climb them. this kind of prosperity, broad, shared, built on a thriving middle-class. >> anna: the only phrase i heard more, just to be clear. just to be clear it's hard to tell who is the middle-class is these days and not just the president of the united states trying to court them. we heard in the republican rebuttal fuig on the water bottle grab by senator marco rubio, you didn't realize that he was doing the same thing. wall street journal is saying he said working class or middle-class 17 times. >> it's silly. he just said there is a massive difference, if you privilege in
6:36 am
maryland you make about $67,000. in mississippi it's $39,000. imagine with this economic diversity having imposed a one size fits all minimum rage. $9 an hour, a lot more in mississippi. >> and when you start to declare what is middle-class and what is poverty and what isn't. based on certain areas of the country you may get by and live better in an area with less money than you would in certain states. our home state, we breom them down. in pennsylvania, to qualify middle-class, is $50,000. >> in my state, $44,700. >> and california is still 56,074 and next year it will be $30,000.
6:37 am
here is the point. it's massively differently across the country. so for politicians, especially the president to pretend that they understand or there is one standard for wealth in america is ridiculous. as you pointed out the biggest problem among the poor is obese it. we are facing much more different problems -- obesity. >> we talk about obesity and we talk about adversely affects the poor population. they can get highly processed carbohydrates drialts. >> you are still responsible for what you eat. we are paying for it twice, we are paying for them to get their food stamps and put food on the table but paying their healthcare costs. you know what is linked to eating all that. >> i eat on a ton of crummy food
6:38 am
because i am lazy. >> anna: that is your choice. >> yeah, anyway, we could have a good discussion as evidenced by this discussion. let us mow what you think,. >> anna: crazy video, dramatic moment of the security guard fires back at a group of armed robbers. >> anna: this happening at a tax business near detroit. one suspect pointed ago gun at receptionist. the security guard scrambles for his rifle and fires twice but the suspect fled and still at large. this next story is not pretty. beauty queen trading in her
6:39 am
name. a revenge killing. 47-year-old was accused of plokt with her boyfriend to kill her friend's husband. it's every girl's dream to get proposed to. >> i wanted to know if you would take my hand and marry me. i wanted to spend rest of my life with you. >> oh, my god. >> anna: not exactly. this couple was only pulling a prank of some unsuspecting bystanders. famous for youtube pranks but this time -- >> expressions on the people watching. i love it when there a whole crowd and there is love in the air and there is not. what is coming up this morning?
6:40 am
>> let's go outside. it is chilly out here this morning and you are from florida. what do you think of the weather out here? >> it's cold. >> where are you from? >> virginia. >> you are used to cold? >> so, so. >> only so-so, take a look at the weather map, it feels like 15 degrees but tampa 36. cold in florida this morning. move forward and take a look at the one storm we're dealing with and kind of coastal storm and a bit of a nor'easter, offshore, 3-5 inches of snow and winds climbing a little bit. around 35 miles an hour in chat ham.
6:41 am
move forward forecast see the snow winding down this afternoon. it will remain windy and cold and tonight will be a bitter one. down to the southeast, one more cold day and one more cold night. then the warmup tomorrow. much of texas, plenty of sunshine. go to the northern plains and temperatures not that bad for today. we'll see 40s and 50s across this area. big storm coming on thursday. get ready. across the west, we'll see a lot of sunshine except the northern rockies will see snow, but southwest you are looking 81 in yuma. enjoy that in yuma. impressive. >> coming up, vatican speeding up the selection process for the next pope. what does it all mean? father jonathan morris is here. >> chevy unveils the latest muscle car but there is something different about this
6:42 am
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6:45 am
>>. >> anna: 9:43. quick headlines, could jay-z and beyonce be the next owners of neverland ranch. they took a tour. jay-z is denying it. in the purple heart medal in an apartment basement will be returned to a world war ii family today. he was killed protecting fellow soldiers. his purple heart was discovered four months ago and will be given to his daughter. >> a billing announcement from the vatican, maybe speeding up the selection process for the next pope. father jonathan morris.
6:46 am
thanks a lot for joining us. what are the criteria that the cardinals will be using? >> first decision of speeding up the beginning of conclave came about because normally there is 15-20 days stipulated. that happens when a pope dies. now, we have notice. february 20th the seat will be vacant. so they are saying, since we will all get there by that time, let's not have a two week or three week period of waiting before we begin the conclave. it will probably happen sometime around 7th or 8th of march. >> so some of your picks. you have laid out some of the folks around the world that might be up for the job. first one, cardinal tagel.
6:47 am
he is from manila, philippines. he is the youngest and let me explain this word. it's able to be pope or possible candidate for being a pope. papabilay and it's best said with a glass of red wine. but this cardinal is very young. 55 years old and, of course, from part of the world that has never had a pope. very interesting and candidate so to speak. we have timothy dolan from new york. an unlikely candidate because the cardinals don't like to have a superpower to be the pope, but you never know. cardinal dolan has taken on a position of leadership in the united states and around the world and he is known for being
6:48 am
happy and cardinals recognize we need that. >> anna: and he is 53. he is not something that would, deteriorating health and old age is cited. >> new ples dent that the pope has said of resigning from the post, i think the cardinals will be more open to the idea of electing a younger pope. they know he will be in for 30-40 years. so a few others we have also on our screen, we have probably the leading candidate cardinal of milan. there are 28 italians. that is the strongest bloc there is. over 50% of those cardinals are also european. they may want to give it back to
6:49 am
europe. >> and challenges that the church is fay go some of the younger folks involved and some of that european zest back and they have been struggling in europe in relation to the catholic church. some of the other areas, latin america and africa, but precisely the europe they may need more help. getting a younger audience. >> we had pope benedict from germany and 500 years before that there were all italians. a pope from the third world is a lot of talk. in answer to your question, think it's important to recognize whether you are a cot, the fact the papacy of the catholic church is the biggest, strongest most broad defender of traditional values. we're going to hear a lot of reporting over the neck few weeks of people saying, is he
6:50 am
going to be liberal pope or conservative pope, by the definition of pope he is going to be conservative. in the sense that he is called to conserve the biblical teachings. republican or democrat -- that is all bunk. what they are looking at who can help best transmit and defend those core teachings going forward. it will an exciting two weeks. >> we will be covering it. you guys should come along. >> you know him and children's favorite is now 50. thanks to the original author who is carrying on that tradition. you will meet him in a minute. copd makes it hard to breathe,
6:51 am
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6:54 am
♪ ♪ take a look at this. newest muscle car from chevy. the chevy ss making a debut. that is daytona. all right. let's send it over to anna and tucker with amelia bedelia. >> it's been half a century, 50 years since amelia first came in the rogers household. dressing the chickens in overalls a literal housekeeper. >> anna: more than 35 million copies, we celebrate his 50th
6:55 am
anniversary. joining us with the author, you were essentially carrying on the torch? >> she is the one that created the character back in 1963. she has been going strong ever since. my aunt created 12 books before she passed away in 1988. kids kept writing in when is the neck book coming out. >> anna: they are timeless? >> absolutely. they really reflect the english language all the idioms and homophones. >> i think i have read every amelia bedelia book there is. what are your favorite examples. >> in the first book which has been reissued, they tell her to dust the furniture which we take
6:56 am
the dust off the furniture. she says dust the furniture. of course the most famous mistake she makes they tell her to dress the chicken for dinner. rather than getting ready to cook there is something else. >> anna: i'm a big amelia bedelia fan. >> as the population changes and attitudes change, that is good look for you. try it on. >> and she has become modern, has she? >> i don't think really she is timeless in terms of the mistakes she makes. these are mistakes that people can make it's dealing with
6:57 am
english language but if you take it literally. >> tucker: is he is non-native speaker? >> she acts like it. the books are still popular for adults because what happens is somebody comes to this country and they are struggling with the english language they feel inhibited. they don't want to mistake and they tleed. here a grownup. >> anna: and the humor that everybody can enjoy. the books, some of the older kids? >> kids would say, we understand that picture books, i can read books and the older kids, third and fourth grade, guilty pleasure but they were in the chapter books. we decided to go ahead and do chapter books with them. it's more of a chance to sell a longer story. >> anna: congratulations on all
6:58 am
your success. >> tucker: i'm 43 and a guilty pleasure for me. it's great to me meet you. coming up more of fox and friends in just three minutes. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels...
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